8:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

8:10 am Improving & Understanding the Customer Perception of the Railways: Information During Disruption & Rail Customers’ Needs & Priorities

  • Guy Dangerfield Director of Strategy, Transport Focus
  • Andrew Scott Head of Passengers, Engagement and Delivery Team, Williams Rail Review, Department of Transport


  • Understanding the customer perception and expectation and understanding why improving information is important
  • Reflecting on what are the key areas where the industry as a whole need to focus improvement
  • Lessons from Transport Focus; how core messaging can affect relationships with customers

9:00 am Panel: Working Together to Provide Consistent & Real-Time Information Delivery to Customers

  • James Aslaksen Head of project “Data Exchange” in the Passenger Information Division, Deutsche Bahn
  • Patrice Couchard Director General Stations, Belgian National Railways, SNCB – NMBS


  • Valuing openness over competiveness and realising the railway must work together to provide a long term service to passengers
  • Infrastructure Managers, TOCs and 3rd party retailers taking a collaborative approach to identify key areas for streamlining processes to deliver a high standard of passenger information
  • Communicating a consistent message when a number of TOCs are affected by the same disruption to allow customers to understand what is happening and make the right travel decisions for themselves

Providing Consistent & Instantaneous Communication

9:40 am Hearing How a TOC Has Integrated Systems to Provide Consistent Information Across All Communication Platforms

  • Wieland Rhenau Passenger Information and Innovation Manager, Deutsche Bahn


  • Linking various old and new tech, software and information systems to receive the best possible real-time information
  • Developing one common source of truth for passenger information to be accessed from and then distributed to the various communication platforms
  • How to engage with start-ups, solution providers and new innovation to provide solutions the industry needs

10:20 am Speed Networking & Morning Refreshments

10:50 am Exploring How Processes Can Be Automated to Improve the Speed of Transfer of Information from Source, Through Control Rooms & to All Touch Points

  • Joseph Smith Customer Information Manager, Transpennine Express


  • Removing manual processes from the transfer of data; from GPS tracking to control management software to customer information systems, providing rapid information to passengers
  • Making sure touch points are updated before passengers set out on their journey so they have ample time to make the best travel decisions for themselves
  • Identifying what can be done with existing technologies, that isn’t happening already, to improve the way customers receive information

12:10 pm Networking Lunch

Information During Disruption

1:00 pm Outlining Best Practices for Control Room Management During Disruption: Resources, Processes & Prioritisation of Tasks


  • Making sure systems are up-to-date and not “turning out nonsense”
  • Using train location data and other information to quickly identify exactly where an event on the network is impacting the train service
  • Managing the construction of a new timetable, communicating that and getting information out in real time

4:50 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:00 pm End of Day One