Focused Solely on Delivering Accurate, Real-Time, Consistent Customer Information Across all Touch Points

Railway Customer Information 2019 is the must-attend event for Customer Experience and Information professionals, Commercial Directors, Control Room Managers and technology leaders who are ready to take customer information seriously and embrace listening to and discussing solutions.

From fully understanding what customers expect and perceive of the industry, to TOCs & Infrastructure Managers working together to leverage data and technology, let’s safeguard the railway industry by ensuring customers are satisfied with their experience.

Highlights for 2019 include:

  • Insights from an independent transport user watchdog on what is the customer perception and expectation from their TOC
  • Working Together and creating open cultures to provide consistent & real-time information delivery to customers
  • Exploring how processes can be automated to improve the speed of transfer of information from source, through control rooms and to all touch points
  • Connecting with each demographic through their preferred touch points & tracking individual customers to provide personalized information
  • Creating a customer-first culture across your company & training staff to communicate with customers with appropriate language & tone

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"This was one of the best conferences I have ever attended. The material was extremely thought provoking and relevant."
Past Hanson Wade Attendee

"This was a great reminder that other companies are going through the same things we are. The benefit of learning from these companies is that all of us do not have to make the same mistakes, we can continuously improve together."
Past Hanson Wade Attendee

"This seminar was more about showing what you have learned and help others get there as well. Very well done."
Past Hanson Wade Attendee